iSF Debug Tool

We've developed a Chrome extension for inspecting your website and resolving any issues associated with iSmartFrame. This tool also includes a convenient one-click cache purge feature, enabling you to effortlessly clear your website's cache directly from your browser. You can find the tool on the Google Chrome Web Store (click here)

Quick Access

If your problem resembles any of the examples listed below:

  • I am noticing the presence of HTML code that should not be present!

  • The background on my page is not displaying properly!!

  • This particular button in the main menu is not functioning correctly!

In that case, utilize the Enable Bypass option to assess whether your origin is experiencing any issues before opening a support ticket.

If, instead, your problem resembles any of the examples listed below:

  • The content of this page is not up to date with the latest version!

  • I must clear my website's cache to ensure that all users can view updated prices and content!

In such a scenario, utilize the Purge Cache feature to clear all cache associated with your website from iSmartFrame.

Unauthenticated User

Upon accessing the extension tooltip located in the upper-right corner of your browser (similar to other Chrome extensions), you will observe two available options and a collection of valuable information when browsing any page of your website. This section will specifically address the available options.

  1. Login: clicking this button, you can initiate the login process within the extension and unlock additional features exclusively available to website owners;

  2. Skip kCache: yeah, that's not a typo. Our exclusive caching system is referred to as kCache. To bypass the caching mechanism, simply click the designated button. This action will trigger a page reload, and all assets will be fetched directly from your live website instead of our cache. Consequently, you'll have the opportunity to view the most up-to-date data on your page.

Note: the Skip kCache functionality could be useful in situations where you think you are seeing an old web page or old images. If this is true, you will be able to perform a refresh of your cache once logged in on the extension or on the iSmartFrame Dashboard.

Logged-in user

Below is a comprehensive list of features accessible within the tool after the user has completed the login process on the extension:

1. Enable Bypass

This feature allows a complete bypass of our systems, ensuring that you can view the website without any enhancement made by iSmartFrame. The page will be reloaded.

This feature allows you to determine whether any issues with your website derive from misconfigurations within the iSmartFrame dashboard or can be resolved on your backend.

2. Purge Cache

This feature enables you to purge your website's cache and update all pages and resources to their most recent versions. It will take some minutes. The same option is available on our dashboard as well.

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