I have a bot-fighting system or a WAF plugin that protects my website. Should I disable it?

Indeed, it is advisable to deactivate it. For instance, if you wish to disable the anti-bot AI on websites hosted by Siteground, it is recommended to get in touch with the Siteground support team. Also, you should consider disabling any web application firewall (WAF) plugins installed on WordPress or other content management systems (CMSs), like:

  • Wordfence (WordPress)

  • Sucuri (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal)

  • ModSecurity (Apache, NGINX)

  • Comodo WAF (Various CMSs)

  • WebARX (WordPress, Joomla)

Can I use iSF alongside CloudFlare, since I already use CloudFlare?

Certainly, you can use iSF alongside CloudFlare. Just remember to configure CloudFlare's DNS to point to iSF by disabling the proxied mode. For detailed instructions, refer to this page.

Can I integrate iSF with my CMS's traffic control system?

Sure! iSmartFrame includes the source IP address of the request in the x-forwarded-for header. To ensure proper functioning, traffic controls should be set up accordingly. For example, to configure Wordfence for Wordpress in order to consider the source IP passed in the x-forwarded-for header, you can follow these steps:

  1. Access the Wordfence settings in the Wordpress dashboard.

  2. Find the setting for “How does Wordfence get IPs”.

  3. Change this to “Use the X-Forwarded-For Header”.

  4. An as additional precaution, on the same page under “Whitelisted IP addresses that bypass all rules:” enter your server's IP and site's Dedicated IP.

This ensures that Wordfence recognizes and handles requests from the original source IP when using iSF.

Why is my website not working properly in the Playground?

Please, refer to the instructions on how to use the playground

Is it possible to utilize my own SSL certificate with the Pro plan?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use your own SSL certificate with iSmartFrame Pro. The system automatically generates and updates an SSL certificate for your website.

What is the purpose of adding a CNAME in my DNS to validate the SSL certificate during the initial setup?

iSF uses Zero SSL certificates, which need a CNAME record to verify domain ownership and generate the SSL certificate during the initial setup. However, once your site is live with iSmartFrame, you won't need to do this again. The system will automatically maintain and update the SSL certificate for you.

Is it possible to exclude specific parts of my website from being cached or optimized?

Sure, it is possible to achieve this by utilizing the bypass feature. It is advisable to exclude specific sections such as reserved areas, cart and checkout for e-commerce platforms, along with any other regions that handle personal information.

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