Activate iSF on your website

Great! You have correctly whitelisted all needed IPs, tested your website on the iSF platform and it is working fine. You have also generated SSL certificates. This means you can go live!

DNS Configuration

There are essentially two actions to be taken on the DNS:

  1. Configure the Top Domain (e.g.

  2. Configure the www (e.g.: records.

If you don't know how to do that on your website, you can find our guides about this topic for the most famous hosting providers (e.g. OVH) in the relative subsection. You can also perform these actions you are already using a CDN solution like Cloudflare.

Top Domain Configuration

  • Change the IP of the existing A record for the Top Domain (e.g. with:

    • IP:

    • TTL: between 60s and 120s.

  • Create a new A record for the top domain (e.g. with:

    • IP:

    • TTL: between 60s and 120s.

WWW Configuration

  • Create or modify a CNAME record for www (e.g. pointing to:

    • <domain name without the separation points>


      • if your website main domain is "" -->

      • if your website main domain is "" -->

Until Q3/24, iSmartFrame will exclusively support IPv4 on edge systems. Prior to activating iSmartFrame, please ensure that all IPv6 records (AAAA) are removed from your DNS settings.

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