Error pages

By default, iSmartFrame ensures website availability by providing cached pages even when the origin server is down. Thus, users can still access the website through cached pages. If an error page is displayed by iSF when a user visits your website, the following conditions might apply:

  • the origin server is inaccessible due to various reasons, and the page is not present in the cache;

  • alternatively, the user navigation may be blocked by security policies, such as rate-limits.

Quick access

The primary distinction between Origin Server and Security errors is readily apparent, as the latter type of errors will exhibit a large red X at the center of the webpage. Aside from that:

  • Origin Server Errors occur when a visitor attempts to access a page that was not cached (or with expired cache), and your web server fails to respond correctly due to various potential issues.

  • Security errors occur when a visitor attempts to carry out a malicious action on your website.

Origin server errors

If the origin server is unreachable (or is erroring) and the page was not cached by iSmartFrame, an error page similar to the one presented below may be displayed.

As highlighted, certain valuable information is presented, namely:

  • Error/status code: this code is the HTTP response from your website's origin server when iSmartFrame attempted to connect and serve the page to the user. Each code is thoroughly explained in the central area of the page. Example status codes are:

    • 500 Internal Server Error: an unexpected condition was encountered on the server, preventing it from fulfilling the request. This means, most of the times, that your web server is erroring and crashing when the request happens.

    • 502 Bad Gateway: there was an invalid response from your web server. This often happens due to server overload or misconfiguration. Please, double-check if you correctly whitelisted our IP addresses.

    • 503 Service Unavailable: your web server was not ready to handle the request temporarily. This might occur during maintenance or when the server is overloaded.

    • 504 Gateway Timeout: your web server did not send a response in time. It means the destination server took too long to respond, resulting in a timeout.

  • Transaction ID: this unique string serves as a transaction identifier, aiding our technical team in debugging the request and analysing the issue if needed. Feel free to provide this code when opening a support ticket to expedite its resolution.

Security errors

Even if everything is functioning correctly on your website's end, iSmartFrame may still present error pages to your visitors due to security policies. In such instances, the page will resemble the one shown below.

In this scenario, the transaction ID may not be present in the page. Such errors can occur when, for instance, the user is subjected to rate limiting due to excessive requests. This is a security measure to safeguard against DDoS and other types of attacks on your website, thus it should not be happen to legitimate visitors.

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