Generate SSL certificates

For all Plans, iSmartFrame will automatically generate SSL certificates (thus ensuring a secure connection via the HTTPS protocol on your site). Before going online, however, a single operation is necessary to enable iSF to automatically generate certificates. This operation needs to be performed only once.

This is done by adding a CNAME record to your domain's DNS. This record is made available in the HTTPS section of the iSmartFrame panel or during the configuration wizard. To set up a CNAME record, you can follow the same steps used to activate your website on iSF, but you will need to enter specific "name" and "target" values for the certificate generation.

Once this procedure is completed, the platform will automatically handle the generation and validation of SSL certificates. You will only need to wait for the SSL verification to be completed in order to proceed with the activation of your website and make it accessible through iSF!

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