HTTP Request Headers

iSmartFrame forwards all HTTP request headers to your origin web server and includes additional headers as specified below.


For incoming requests, the Accept-Encoding header value will consistently be 'deflate, gzip'. If the client has specified an alternate value, like * or br, it will be automatically substituted.


This header reveals the client's IP address connecting to iSmartFrame and the origin web server. It is exclusively transmitted for traffic originating from iSmartFrame's edge systems to your origin web server. This value could also be presented by iSF in the form of X-Real-IP or ISF-IP additional headers.


X-Forwarded-Proto indicates the protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) that iSmartFrame employs to connect to the origin web server. For incoming requests, the value of this header is set to the protocol used by the client (HTTP or HTTPS).


This header, also known as a Transaction ID, serves as unique identifier for tracking the entire transaction, spanning from the initial request to the ultimate response. You can include the X-ISF-SHIELD-REQ-ID in your backend in order to match requests that are routed through iSmartFrame and to distinguish and recognize them in your server logs. This header could also appear in the additional form of ISF-PROXY-REQUEST.


This header contains the two-character ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 country code of the visitor's country of origin. iSmartFrame uses the code "XX" when the visitor's country information is unknown.

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