Testing your website's performance

Hooray! Your website is currently operational via iSmartFrame. If you wish to assess its performance, there are several tools available. The most renowned options include:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights: This tool by Google analyzes your website's speed and provides suggestions for optimization, helping you improve user experience and search engine rankings.

  • GTmetrix: GTmetrix offers comprehensive insights into your website's performance, including page load time, optimization recommendations, and waterfall charts to visualize loading processes.

Note: GTmetrix's current status, as of June 2023, is affected by compatibility problems with Early Hints 103. This issue leads to unreliable testing outcomes for websites optimized through iSmartFrame. As our systems may initially respond with a 103 status code instead of the expected 200 to enhance site speed, GTmetrix may encounter test failures due to this acknowledged limitation.

  • WebPageTest: With WebPageTest (WPT), you can test your website's speed and performance from various locations worldwide. It provides detailed reports on load time, rendering, and resource usage. When utilizing WPT, please note that certain measurements may be inaccurate (refer to this resource).

A more comprehensive analysis can be achieved through the use of PageSpeed, which takes into account factors that are important to Google (like the Core Web Vitals). This tool can help you determine how well optimized your site is and whether the implementation of iSmartFrame has improved its speed and efficiency. Consider testing both pre-launch and post-launch for comparison purposes.

Core Web Vitals

The "Core Web Vitals" section in the PageSpeed Insight tool warrants in-depth exploration. The calculation policies and datasets associated with these essential performance indicators are intricate and complex. Google provides explanations for them in publicly accessible documents:

iSmartFrame Pro improves CWV and PageSpeed, but there are no concrete guarantees regarding the extent of the enhancement. Hence, despite improving UX, PageSpeed, and CWV, there is no assurance that these metrics will attain a "passed" status.

iSmartFrame Enterprise, however, can guarantee specific attributes based on per-site specifications, which can be discussed with our team.

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