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Once your website is operational using iSmartFrame, despite following all the recommended checks and safety tests mentioned in the Getting Started guide, you may still encounter errors and bugs, similar to those that occurred prior to implementing iSmartFrame. This section aims to assist you in troubleshooting any issues that arise and determine whether they are related to iSF or not. By doing so, you can ascertain if it is necessary to open a support ticket with our team.

Quick Access

If your problem resembles any of the examples listed below

  • I am noticing the presence of HTML code that should not be present!

  • The background on my page is not displaying properly!!

  • This particular button in the main menu is not functioning correctly!

In that case, utilize the Enable Bypass option on the iSF Debug Tool to assess whether your origin is experiencing any issues before opening a support ticket.

If, instead, your problem resembles any of the examples listed below

  • The content of this page is not up to date with the latest version!

  • I must clear my website's cache to ensure that all users can view updated prices and content!

In such a scenario, utilize the Purge Cache feature on the iSF Debug Tool to clear all cache associated with your website from iSmartFrame.

Should you come across an error status page from iSmartFrame as shown below, consider visiting the Error pages section of this guide.

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